ICE CUBE is the Italian leader in the production and distribution of edible ice.

It owns the largest and most innovative edible ice production system in the Mediterranean, where the mineral water from the springs in the Madonie mountain ranges is solidified and transformed into a cube, to then be placed on the market of large retailers and help raise the level of food safety.

Only a few people know that Sicily was among the first ice makers in Europe..

There once were the men of the snow houses who preserved the snow of the Nebrodi, Madonie and Etna mountain ranges in Sicily right through to August; they treated it to turn it into ice and with a thorough preservation method they sold it for slush, various kinds of food use and medical purposes, and lastly, exported it to the Mediterranean countries on brigs – sailing vessels which were very fast at the time.

ICE CUBE aims to maintain its leading market position with its top quality standards, through constant analysis of the product and a careful study of the best marketing and distribution strategies.