Ice cubes

TOP QUALITY PURE ICE: hollow cylinders of pure water with high cooling capacity. It gives light to every cocktail, exalting brilliance and taste.  Practical and ready for use!
The package of ice cubes is available in 2 formats: a practical and convenient 1.25 kg size for supermarkets and a larger size of 2.5 kg for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.

Crushed Ice

ICE READY FOR YOUR COCKTAILS: a pack of crushed ice, ideal for all types of crushed and frozen cocktails. Seductive, brilliant crystals which are practical and always ready to be used.
The pack is available in 2.0 kg.

Ice Deluxe

Compact and stylish maxi 5x5x5 cm pure ice cubes, ideal for enhancing fine spirits and adding a distinctive touch to the service and the drinks. Serving the best will no longer be a problem.

Ice Ball

Large and elegant, compact, clear balls of ice, ideal to enhance the qualities of each drink with a long-lasting effect thanks to the slow freezing process.

Ice Block

A single block of pure 25x25x25 cm edible ice – a key element in ICE CARVING activities and sculptures. Perfect for creating fantastic elements that will distinguish your environment and your business.

Delivery throughout Italy from Milan to Rome to Palermo, but also to other countries, such as France!