Water is the most important raw material and ICE CUBE ice is obtained by freezing pure mineral water coming from the springs in the Madonie mountain ranges.

The Scillato spring is one of the oldest in Italy, and for thousands of years the inhabitants of Termini Imerese and the surrounding area have been drinking its water. Until today, the Scillato spring and the other Madonie springs contribute significantly to the entire supply of drinking water in Western Sicily.

Besides being microbiologically pure, the waters of the Madonie springs are distinguished by low mineral content and low alkalinity thanks to the unique path that these waters flow through underground and the particular basalt rock (low silicon content) which they come in contact with. This allows the ice derived from these waters to be even more pure and low in minerals. Therefore, the ice does not alter the organoleptic properties of the drink when it begins its melting process, and no substance is released, which could corrupt the original flavour of the drink, whatever this may be, from mineral water to iced tea or whisky or the finest rum.